SPEEDSim: Spatial Population Dynamics Simulator App Reviews

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I love this!

I have always been fascinated with simulations, and this one is amazing! I could spend hours in this mere 8.6 MB of information. The update with lessons was a genius move, but the app still needs some way to type in parameter values for any sort of preciseness. P.S. Do you need/want money? If so, I would be more than happy if you added a way to donate.

I like it

Great learning and exploration tool. Can I suggest not restricting parameter selection to sliders. Some values are very hard to set on a phone screen.

An excellent app

I have nothing but good things to say about this fantastic application my only hope is that the developers add the remainder of the lessons

Very interesting / Educational

These simulations are very well done and provide a great deal of entertaining engagement. It is fascinating to set up the simulation parameters and explore the response runs. I enjoy the different sim explanations and the ability to change back and forth from pixels to a graph. 5 stars because I believe the app and the work to get to this point is worth it. There is a bug that hangs up the app (full stop crash) when you hit reset before pausing the simulation. It then crashes before fully loading when trying to re-open right away. This would be resolved by a better UI to control the runs (ex. Prevent access to the reset button during a sim). Also, It took me way to long to find this in the App Store even when I knew what I was looking for. It does not come up with various combinations of "Game of Life" "Speed" and "Simulation". I'm sure more folks would find this app interesting if it were easier to find.

Great app

This is such a fascinating app. If you are into this type of thing, so much can be learned from Interacting with these models and parameters. Life/social wisdom is imbedded. It's a little buggy (the reset button freezes the program), but overall this is a great app. For those who enjoy thinking about these theories, I recommend reading Micromotives, Macrobehaviors by Thomas Schelling.


I love this simulation

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